Create A New You For 2012

by Danielle Varanda on January 20, 2012

What if you could create a more beautiful you?

What if you could give and receive more to yourself than you ever thought possible?

What if by doing so, it would change the way you view yourself and others and create more to show up in your life?

These are just some of the many wonderful qualities that are created when you receive treatments from Essential Jade.

One of the most powerful ways you can have this show up in your life is to receive an Access Energetic Face Lift Treatment! Which happens to be on a special promotion now through March 31st.

How can things get better than this?

The Access Energetic Face Lift Treatment (NEW!)

  • Save $50 per session when you purchase 10 sessions!
  • This offer good till March 31st

This process uses a hands on multiple energy frequency that creates change on the cellular and molecular level to heal the skin and body. Reverses the effects of aging of the skin and body, activates cellular memory and releases traumas and layers of  judgments that create the aging process and creates limitations in our lives.

  • Visible  results in the first session
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Enhances firmness, texture, color and creates a luminous glow of the face and neck
  • Dissipates scarring and pigmentation
  • Reverses the aging process of the skin and body
  • Replaces the need for botox or cosmetic surgery
  • Non invasive and no recovery time
  • 1/10 of the cost of a face lift
  • Rejuvenates the skin and removes judgments that create aging in the skin and body

 Regularly $150 per session

On special for $125 per session/or buy 10 for $100 per session (save $500)

Combine with a facial and receive it for only $85!

Specials good till March 31st

What else is possible?

How about creating a new you with an ion foot bath detox series?

Buy a package of 6 ion foot bath detoxes and receive a mini pedicure ( a $75 savings!)

Buy a package of 10 and receive an essential pedicure (a $210 savings!)

  • detox treatments to be used in 2 weeks or less  apart to be valid

 How can things get better that this?

How about creating a new you with the anti-cellulite treatment?

Buy a package of 3 Cellulite Treatments and  receive an Express Facial Treatment (a $85 savings!)

Buy a package of 6 Cellulite Treatments and receive an Express Facial Treatment and an Ion Foot Detox Foot Bath Treatment (a $210 savings!)

  • treatments to be used in 2 weeks or less apart to be valid

What other specials would contribute to your new you?

Well how about 12% off all skin/nail and body care products in celebration of 2012 and you!

I look forward to seeing you and facilitating transformation of beauty for you!

Danielle Varanda

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