Why is having a facial at essential jade more than a facial?

Danielle incorporates healing modalities such as essential oils, qi gong and healing jade into each skincare treatment. When the body is balanced, nourished and stagnation is removed, this creates a radiance from within that is reflected through the skin. *Adding a foot-bath detox treatment brings it to the next level.

The Essential Jade Facial

A perfect intro facial or as a bi-monthly treatment resulting in a healthy, glowing complexion for all skin types.  Includes customized cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage including neck and décolleté, using botanical serum, ionized steam, hot towels and custom mask.
50 min treatment   100

The Jade Express Facial

Designed as a quick, refreshing face lift for the skin when enjoying other services such as a pedicure, manicure, foot detox. Includes deep cleansing with ionized steam, a honey & milk collagen mask, aromatherapy neck massage. Hydrating, firming and minimizes pores. Take treatment mask included.
30 min treatment   75

Essential Hydrating Facial Treatment

Transition your dull, dry skin to a glowing, radiant complexion with this revitalizing, hydrating facial. Includes a nourishing 20% pumpkin/multi-fruit complex peel, paraffin facial mask w/collagen and mud from the Dead Sea, botanical serum facial massage, aromatherapy neck and shoulder massage.
80 min treatment   140   30% peel add $20

Jade Sculpture Facial Treatment

Transform your skin with this custom, anti-aging multi-layer treatment. Customized to treat dry, mature, blemished, rosacea, sensitive or hyper-pigmentation. Includes botanical serum with facial massage, aromatherapy neck & shoulder massage, hand & foot massage corrective soft sculpture mask that is amplified with a thermal hard sculpture mask.
80 min treatment   140

Essential Pearl & Jade Facial Treatment

The wisdom of the East is applied in this healing and restorative facial/body treatment. Heated jade stones placed on energy points on the body, enzyme peel with pearl powder, botanical serum with cooling jade facial rollers for facial massage. Pearl treatment mask with neck & shoulder massage, qi gong energy balancing. Ideal for sensitive, congestive and hyper-pigmentation.
80 min treatment   140

Essential Vitamin C Facial Treatment

This anti-aging facial creates a sparkle to the complexion, balances and clears congestion. Enzyme peel, vitamin C oxygen mask, extractions, vitamin C ampule facial massage, aromatherapy neck and shoulder massage. Anti-aging treatments included of the forearms.
90 min treatment   150

Hot Stone Facial Treatment

Deep relaxing and therapeutic treatment using basalt heated stones on the face, neck and shoulders. Increases micro blood and lymph circulation to nourish the skin and detoxify. Enzyme peel, botanical and aromatherapy treatment, paraffin mask and hot stones used on hands and feet.
90 min treatment   165

Micro-Derma Facial Treatment

Designed as a series of 6 treatments using micro-derm crystals and enzymes; combined with massage to create a radiant smooth complexion. Ideal for sun damaged skin. Includes a soothing firming mask as well neck and shoulder massage. Recommended as a series 1 to 2 times a year.
60 min treatment   125

The Access Energetic Face Lift Treatment (NEW!)

This process uses a hands on multiple energy frequency that creates change on the cellular and molecular level to heal the skin and body. Reverses the effects of aging of the skin and body, activates cellular memory and releases traumas and layers of  judgments that create the aging process and creates limitations in our lives.

  • Visible  results in the first session
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Enhances firmness, texture, color and creates a luminous glow of the face and neck
  • Dissipates scarring and pigmentation
  • Reverses the aging process of the skin and body
  • Replaces the need for botox or cosmetic surgery
  • Non invasive and no recovery time
  • 1/10 of the cost of a face lift
  • Rejuvenates the skin and removes judgments that create aging in the skin and body

90 min treatment   $250
Series of 6 treatments receive $25 off each treatment